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I am ola hadasha, aval I am spending some time in my homeland, some time abroad, making exhibitions and getting new material. I came back to Israel right after 7th of October, though it was extremely scary, especially from abroad. I wanted to be useful, wanted to experience this collective pain and to support people and especially my lover who decided to go to serve in the army after quitting air forces. I learnt patience and how to wait.

and before 14th of February he broke up with me! this is my experience about war.

I would be really happy to participate in your auction. I am not sure if it helps to understand and represent my art, but this is also my video and my song:

now I am a part of art residency curated by Liiebling Haus and would really like to try to sell my works and be useful for you as well. I WANT TO SEE THAT ART MARKET IN ISRAEL EXISTS! show me bevakasha!

toda :)

wake me up when war ends.jpg


80 X 120

photography / print on paper

allegory of peace.jpg


30 X 40 / 40 X 60

photography / print on paper

Madonna from suburbs.jpg


60 X 90

photography / print on paper

this is me trying not to call you.jpg


40 X 60

photography / print on paper

mother, show me a world without war.jpg


60 X 90 / 40 X 60

photography / print on paper